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West Hollywood is known for it’s nightlife. As a result, there are many police officers patrolling for drivers who are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you have recently been pulled over on suspicion of a DUI, or if you have been arrested for a DUI, then you need an attorney to protect your interests. There are several things a good criminal defense lawyer can do to get you the best legal result:

First, Formal Charges Can Be Prevented

There are many people who are initially charged with a DUI because of false positives on breathalyzer tests or on toxicology reports. If you have been taking certain prescribed medications, for example, you could possibly be at risk for a DUI charge, even if the prescription is not one that affects your driving. Your lawyer can obtain all of the results from any testing that was done on you, and he or she can determine if your DUI was the result of a false positive. If it can be proved that you weren’t driving under the influence, your attorney can usually prevent formal charges from being brought against you.

Second, Charges Can Be Dismissed

Although police officers are usually good at following protocol, on occasion an overzealous cop may violate a person’s rights. If you were not read your Miranda Rights, for example, it’s possible your charges could be dismissed in court. If your blood results from the toxicology lab was not handled according to the proper procedure, your case could be dismissed. These are things a lawyer helps you determine–he or she can find any legal issues that may require a judge to dismiss your case.

Third, Charges Can Be Reduced

If you were driving under the influence and it is your first offence, there is a good chance that your lawyer can work out a plea deal for you. Usually, fines, jail time, and charges can be reduced to the bare minimum if you have a good lawyer. Your lawyer may even be able to get you a plea in abeyance, which will allow your case to be dismissed after a determined probationary period.

Fourth, Driving Privileges Can Be Preserved

Aside from the legal proceedings, you will need a lawyer to protect your drivers license. After a DUI arrest, the DMV may attempt to suspend or take away your license. A DUI attorney will be able to call for a hearing with the DMV and make your case as to why your privileges should stay intact.

Because of the fact that DUI charges can impact your life in a big way, it’s important not to face the legal system alone. You could lose your job, lose your drivers license, or have your driving privileges suspended for a long time. You could also go to jail. The experienced lawyers at H&M¬†Criminal Defense will protect your rights and defend you rigorously.

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