2016 Scholarship Winner – Leena Haig

We’re pleased to announce Leena Haig as the 2016 scholarship winner. Leena is a student at Barnard College, in NYC. We’re extremely grateful to ALL applicants who applied. We’d like to remind everyone that NEXT YEAR’s scholarship is now open, and all applicants are encouraged to apply and spread the word.

CONGRATS TO LEENA – and thank you all for applying


2017 Scholarship Contest

The H&M Law Firm is a premier Los Angeles criminal defense law firm. We firmly believe that we owe the next generation of scholars – the same opportunity we had. Many of our attorneys were able to go to college, and eventually law school – only thanks to the financial aid provided to us. Whether it was the good will of friends and family members, state financial aid, or merit/alumni donations from our university – it’s the only reason each of our attorneys was able to get to where they are today. Our team of attorneys has created a renewable, and annual, scholarship in light of this.

$4000 – annual scholarship

  • This scholarship is an annual scholarship.
  • We ask applicants to apply by no later than 8/15 — of each year. It will be awarded on 8/25
  • This scholarship can be used for any type of educational expenses.
  • Winners of the scholarship can also intern at our law offices(if they wish) during their winter, or summer vacations.
  • Applicants must have a GPA of no less than 3.1
  • Applicants must send an unofficial transcript
  • Applicants must submit a 500 words essay, about what it means to give back to society, and how they intend on accomplishing this

There is no application fee. 

Applicants can send the essay, and their unofficial transcript, to


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