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If you find yourself facing DUI or DWI charges within the Santa Monica, CA jurisdiction, we at H&M Criminal Defense would like to extend to you a helping hand. We have a decades-old history of effectively defending those accused of crimes in the L. A. and southern
California area, including those accused of operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or another debilitating drug. The court room is full of experienced prosecutors and judges- don’t go to court without equal or greater legal expertise on your side. The quicker you contact a DUI lawyer, the sooner they can get to work assessing and building your case. We know the urgency of the situation and appreciate the grave consequences that are at issue in most DUI cases. If you live in Santa Monica and need a good defense attorney for a DUI citation, don’t hesitate to contact us online for a free consultation and free case evaluation. Our 24-7 staff will be quick to get back to you.

What Legal Consequences Could I Be Facing In a DUI Case?

The state of California DMV is very strict and serious about the enforcement of DUI and alcohol-related accidents legislation. Revocation or limitation of driving privileges, impounding of automobiles, cancellation of both license and plates, heavy fines, and years-long prison sentences are all among the possible consequences of a DUI conviction. The fact of the conviction being on one’s record can affect future employment prospects, one’s reputation, and more. These serious repercussions lead us at H&M law firm to be equally serious in our pursuit of obtaining the most favorable possible end-result for each client. The gravity and urgency of the situation is not lost on our lawyers, but neither is it a hopeless situation, for often there is room for negotiation if you have a seasoned and determined lawyer working on your behalf.

How Can H&M Help Me With My Case?

Our team of lawyers is dedicated to the best interests of every person we assist. We know the possible ways each type of DUI case can end, and put forth our full, undivided efforts to secure as favorable an outcome as the law allows. If you have been falsely accused, have had your rights violated during the arrest or after, or there is only flimsy evidence on the prosecutor’s side, there is a good chance for acquittal or dropping of charges. If it is your first offense or there are peculiar, mitigating circumstances involved in the happenings that preceded your DUI citation, there could be a good chance for leniency and reduction of sentence to be negotiated. Even in repeat offense cases or cases where an accident is concerned, there is often still room for negotiating with the district attorney. We have a former district attorney on staff, and know how to look at the process from both sides, giving us an edge in perspective that helps you in the court room.

How Does H&M Treat Its Clients?

We at H&M have a commitment to treat each and every client we see with dignity and respect. We make the promise, and we mean to keep it, that every client is to be treated like a member of our own families. We defend you the way we would expect to be defended were we placed in your shoes. These are not just empty words, but a genuine commitment that we have been keeping for year on year and case after case- you can count on H&M DUI defense lawyers to make that promise real to you as well.

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