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If you have been charged with Driving Under the Influence, or DUI, in Pasadena, California, you may face serious consequences if convicted. You may face spending time in jail and losing your privilege to drive for a while. You may also be responsible for paying Court costs and fines, as well as DMV reinstatement fees when you become eligible to restore your driving privileges. That’s why you need a lawyer, and specifically one from the law form of H&M Law Firm. They will fight your DUI case to help you avoid a conviction and, if you are convicted, get you the lowest possible sentence.

What makes H&M Law Firm, LLP the best choice

H&M Law Firm is composed of top-level criminal defense attorneys, each of which has over 30 years of criminal trial experience. They are familiar with California’s DUI laws and they know how to spot weaknesses in the case. They will learn the specific facts and circumstances of your case, evaluate it thoroughly and determine which defenses are available to you. They will advise you how likely each defense is to hold up in Court and how they can use the law to strengthen your position.

What’s even more compelling, one of the attorneys used to be a district attorney who may well have prosecuted lots of cases just like yours. This puts him in the unique position of knowing which angle the prosecution with attack from, which arguments to anticipate and which defenses are most successful. Knowing what to anticipate makes your attorney better prepared to fight back. That kind of prior experience in invaluable. It gives the attorney the advantage in knowing what to expect and how to prepare your case. It can mean the difference between an outcome that is successful and one that is not. In short, your attorney’s experience can win you your freedom.


For example, the breathalyzer the officer used to test your blood alcohol content, or BAC, may have been faulty, and your attorney will question when was the last time the equipment was calibrated for accuracy. If the breathalyzer was not properly calibrated, the breathalyzer results are unreliable and may ultimately be deemed invalid.

Chain of custody

If your blood had to be drawn and tested, your attorney may question whether proper chain of custody was maintain. Blood samples have to be properly labeled and tagged by each person who handles it from the time the sample was taken to the time it is tested in order to avoid breaking the chain of custody. If there is break in the chain, there is a possibility that the blood was contaminated during the time it was unaccounted for. Possible contamination of the blood sample lead to the blood evidence becoming inadmissible in Court. If the blood evidence was the crux of the case against you, your case may well be dismissed.

Miranda warning

If you were arrested without having been read your Miranda rights, such as your right to remain silent and to have an attorney present, then any statemenet you made to law enforcement may be inadmissible in Court. Your attorney will file a motion to suppress so that those statements cannot be used in Court. No matter how incriminating they are, even if you confessed, they will be deemed inadmissible.

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