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Malibu Dui Lawyers

If you are a Malibu, CA resident and are facing charges of DUI, DWI, or any similar categories related to operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated with alcohol or affected by other drugs, we at H&M Defense have an experienced team of DUI defense attorneys at the ready to help you. We believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and has a constitutional right to a fair trial. We have been representing those living in L.A. and southern California area for years and have accumulated the skills necessary to defend Malibu residents in court with intelligence and tenacity surpassed by none.

We Understand the Seriousness of a DUI Charge

The laws regulated the blood alcohol content level or drivers are strict and severe in most localities across the nation, and the defendant has much at stake in a DUI case. In repeat offense or aggravated (above .12 BAC) cases, the stakes get even higher. We don’t shy away from any case. We understand that one’s driver’s license, license plates, and future employment opportunities are on the line. Heavy fines and multi-year prison sentences are often facing the accused. We have the intricate knowledge of the law, the familiarity with the court process, and the personal experience with local judges and prosecutor’s that are needed to give you the very best chance possible in court. Whether the case involves juvenile or adult, drugs or alcohol, automobiles, boats, bikes, or other vehicles, we have seen a case like yours before and know the ins and outs of the legal system. Cases involving crashes, property damage, injury, or even wrongful death are not outside of our field of expertise. We cover it all. Don’t fight these heavy charges alone without the help of an experienced lawyer. We have a former district attorney working on our team- and he can be on your team too.

We Have the Skills to Secure the Best Possible Outcome in DUI Cases

Over a million Americans are arrested for DUI per year, and many of them go to court without proper representation. Some of them will be innocent, some of them will not understand the gravity of the charges set against them, and most will not understand their legal options. Drunk and drug driving legislation varies from state to state and changes as the years go by. We keep up with the exact legal situation in southern California as it touches DUI cases. We were well-trained in law school, taught the lessons of first-hand court room experience for decades, and we keep a sharp eye on the state of the L. A. area court system. If evidence was collected in an illegal or unconstitutional manner, if you were treated as if you had already lost your rights when arrested, or if any violation of the rights of citizens was committed against you, we will soon search it out. If any reduction or dismissal of charges is possible, we will know about it and do all that can be done to obtain it. We swim in the world of law like a fish in a pond, and we can put all of our hard-earned legal expertise to work for you.

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