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Irwindale Dui Lawyers

A DUI charge is serious and should never be taken lightly. A person convicted of DUI can serve jail time, lose their driving license, and suffer other serious consequences. The good news is that it is possible to beat a DUI charge in court with the help of one of our experience criminal defense attorneys. Fully exercise your right to have a legal defense against this criminal charge.

How Can We Defend You Against a DUI Charge?

Under the law, actual guilt or innocence doesn’t really matter. Only what can be proven in court matters. It is up to the prosecutor to present enough evidence to show beyond a reasonable doubt that a person is guilty of a DUI, and that is not always easy. In fact, strict regulations about police conduct and DUI testing methods mean that a mistake can often cause evidence to be questionable or completely inadmissible. Targeting this evidence is a strong defense strategy. For example, only a breath test or blood test for blood alcohol content is scientifically proven to be accurate. If the police use other common tests, such as reciting the alphabet or having the person walk a straight line, they could present this evidence, but it could easily be discounted because it is not scientifically accurate. If a prosecutor does not provide blood or breath test evidence then they probably have a very weak case.

The blood or breath test itself can also be disputed. There are several factors that could influence the outcome of these tests and make their results questionable. Eating certain foods or taking certain medications prior to one of these tests can cause them to create a false positive even when there is not a drop of alcohol in the person’s system. There are also certain procedures for administering the test that must be followed, and if they are not followed then the test could be questionable or outright inadmissible.

Police may also use visual assessments to identify if a person has been drinking. The prosecutor’s case can be weakened if evidence is provided that these visual symptoms had another cause. For example, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech are common indicators or intoxication, but they can also be indicators of fatigue. Watery and bloodshot eyes may be caused by crying or even allergies. In this case, the defense attorney would present counter evidence showing alternative reasons for the conditions the prosecutor is attributing to intoxication. While this won’t make the evidence inadmissible, it will cause the jury to question it. If even a single juror can be convinced that the evidence is not sufficient for a conviction, then the defendant will not be convicted. In a criminal case all members of the jury must be in agreement in order to render a verdict. Otherwise there is a mistrial. After a mistrial, either a new trial will be set or the charges will be dropped if the prosecutor no longer wishes to pursue them. Since the courts often take months between trials, the defendant can be free to go back to their normal life on bail until the new trial.

Why Choose H&M Law Firm?

We understand how to beat a prosecutor’s case even better than most other defense lawyers because we used to be prosecutors. Our firm has years of combined on both sides of the courtroom. This gives us a complete perspective over criminal law that other defense firms may lack. If you are looking for a DUI defense lawyer in Irwindale, then you need look no further than our firm.

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