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Hiring the best Glendale DUI lawyer may be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make in your life. In fact, your future is literally in their hands. Therefore, it’s crucial that you hire the right one relative to the needs of your case. Once the shock wears off of getting arrested for DUI, the potential dire consequences start to sink in and reality hits. Now is the time to take action since you’ll need an experienced DUI defense lawyer on your side to navigate the justice system. Follow these tips to ensure you hire the best one:

1. Find a lawyer that has extensive experience in handling DUI cases.

Even though a lawyer may be very good at defending people in court in general, not every lawyer is an expert in handling DUI cases. Look for one who specializes in representing DUI defense cases. Before choosing one, ask these questions first:

• What percentage of your workload is actually DUI related?
• Are you fully aware of all the latest DUI laws in this county and state?
• How much experience do you have practicing laws related to DUI charges?
• Do you regularly attend local meetings or seminars to learn about the most current DUI laws?

2. Hire a lawyer that practices law in your local area.

If you get arrested for DUI in your local area, be sure that the lawyer you hire practices in the area as well. This is a great benefit to your case since your lawyer will be someone that everyone’s familiar with in the courtroom including the prosecutor, the judge, and the local police officers. This will help your case and increase the chances of a better outcome, particularly if he’s an attorney that’s well-liked, experienced, and knows his way around a courtroom.

3. Only use a lawyer that’s completely up-to-date with the current DUI laws.

DUI laws are generally the most complex and dynamic area of litigation in criminal law. The legislature modifies these specific laws almost on a yearly basis. Therefore, your attorney must be thoroughly aware and on top of the most current laws regarding DUIs in order to successfully represent you throughout the entire process. Don’t be afraid to ask for proof that they know these laws and indeed have the experience you desperately need. Remember, your future depends on their level of knowledge and skill.

4. More experienced lawyers increase your chances of success.

You need to determine if your potential lawyer has experience in going to trial for DUI-based cases. How many times in the past has the lawyer gone to court to defend someone for DUI? What percentage of cases has he actually won? While no two DUI cases are ever the same, it’s not a guarantee that your case will win, no matter what degree of experience your lawyer has. If your attorney has little experience or has never represented anyone in court for a DUI case, chances are you’re not going to get the best deal the prosecution has to offer.

5. Find a lawyer you trust and feel comfortable with.

While talking with your prospective attorney, do you feel at ease and comfortable? Is he person someone you trust to handle your imminent future with? It’s imperative that you feel a “connection” on some level with your potential lawyer so you feel hope about your dire circumstances.

Use these key tips to help you find the best lawyer in Glendale to get your DUI charges reduced, or perhaps dropped altogether. Keep in mind that experience counts. Also, it’s likely that the more experience a certain lawyer has, the more they will charge. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the most expensive attorney is automatically the best, you still need to do your homework. Only hire someone you can afford, you trust, and one you feel confident will fight for your legal rights 100 percent in court.

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