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Gardena Dui Lawyers

Gardena, CA residents who are facing prosecution for a DUI citation can count on the DUI defense lawyers at H&M Criminal Defense to come to their aid with a large arsenal of legal knowledge and experience. We have been serving the citizens of Gardena, the Los Angeles area, and southern California for many years and have specialized in the realm of criminal defense cases, including many DUI cases. Over a million Americans are arrested every year for DUI reasons, and we at H&M have seen a steady, multifaceted stream of such cases over the decades of our careers. This has given us the ability to evaluate and tackle diverse kinds of DUI related cases and to obtain favorable sentences for our clients. If you or a loved one is facing DUI court arraignment in the near future, don’t go it alone when the expert advice and representation of H&M is available to secure for you the best possible trial result.

What Kinds of DUI Cases Does H&M Take On?

Every DUI case is not alike. We at H&M understand that and always take the preliminary step of analyzing and evaluating what sort of DUI case we have at hand. Due to decades-long experience, we can honestly say that we are well equipped to take on any sort of DUI case whatsoever. Case after case has taught us, through the years, the best strategies to employ in a multitude of differing scenarios.

First time offenders are one class of cases. Often we can obtain some kind of leniency for them through negotiations with the prosecutor and city or district attorney. Loss of license may be avoidable, and there is a good chance of reducing the charge to reckless driving and keeping a DUI label off of your permanent record. No contest pleas often can be used in obtaining a lesser sentence that will leave no permanent damage once a short probation period is over.

Repeat offender will tend to have a harder time in court, but there is room for negotiating on their behalf as well. Sometimes a heavy fine can be replaced with a quota of community service hours and months in prison can be avoided by accepting extended probation and entering a guilty plea.

The above are only examples of typical scenarios, and every case will vary in its exact details. We can fight for your interests no matter what the facts of the case. No matter how dark and dim the outlook may seem, an experienced lawyer can often find a way to at least improve the final ruling in behalf of his or her client to some degree. We always fight to get the best possible ending to your trial, and we have a long list of clients who can testify to the success we have frequently had.

What Kinds of Positive Results Has H&M Obtained in the Past?

Avoidance of excessive punishments, retention of driver’s license and plates, keeping out of jail or reducing time spent there, and dismissal of charges due to police mis-conduct in gathering evidence, administering the blood alcohol content test, or in making the arrest are all results that can happen when represented by a skilled H&M DUI criminal defense lawyer. Every prospective client is invited to peruse the online testimonials of past clients we have helped.

How Does H&M Treat Its Clients?

We long ago made a promise to treat each client as if he or she were a member of our own family or a dear friend. We put ourselves in the shoes of the defendant and ask ourselves how we would like to be represented if our roles were reversed. That answer to that question serves as the basis for our customer relations policy.

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