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El Segundo Dui Lawyers

H&M Criminal Defense has an expert team of skilled DUI defense lawyers who can assist El Segundo, CA residents who are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or other incapacitating drugs. We have a long track record of serving the DUI defense needs of the L. A. and southern California area, and anyone who finds him or her self in need of legal counsel and representation in a DUI or DWI case can count on us to defend him or her with the tenacity of lawyer just out of law school and yet with the wisdom of an attorney long-accustomed to the ways things work in a real court room. We have decades of criminal defense experience under our belts and an undying commitment to tirelessly fight for the best possible outcome in every case we handle.

What Classes of DUI or DWI Cases Does H&M Have Experience In?

With so many years of taking DUI cases in southern California, we can honestly answer that we have across the board knowledge and courtroom experience in virtually every sort of DUI case. We know how to win first time offense, repeat offense, aggravated (above .12 BAC) charges, drug or alcohol, and a host of other cases. We take the more unusual cases where a boat, plane, or bike was the vehicle operated, along with the more common automotive cases. We at H&M know the strategies that work to get the most favorable ruling possible in a variety of particular situations. We adapt to the details of each particular case, research the police reports and all pertinent information, and assess what is obtainable. If you were falsely accused or the prosecutor has insufficient evidence, we know what to do. If the arrest, blood alcohol or breathalyzer test administration, or evidence collection were done improperly or illegally, we may be able to get charges dropped. In some cases, there may have been other factors besides blood alcohol level that contributed to an accident. If so, we can make sure that is taken into account in the courtroom. We set out to gain the experience that could help uphold the rights of the accused in accordance with amendments three through eight of the U. S. Bill of Rights, and having done so, we want to put that knowledge to work for you. The average citizen is unaware of the peculiarities of the court room process and the intricacies of the law- we whose business it is to know these things are here to help you in any kind of DUI case that you find yourself in.

Does Using a DUI Lawyer Really Help?

Without familiarity with the DUI laws and their typical application to different scenarios, without the enhanced negotiating ability that comes with hiring a professional lawyer, and without the personal knowledge of prosecutors and their strategies and judges and their habits, the defendant could well be in for a quick and ill-ending trial. We speak up for you in the halls of justice and make our hard-earned knowledge work to your advantage. Knowing what to plead and when, what deals to accept or not, and how to go about negotiating are not something one can learn and effectively practice the moment they get a DUI citation. We have been doing this for a long time and have seen charges and sentences dropped or meliorated time after time. While it is not always possible to end the case without any legal repercussions falling our client’s way, we always can fight to obtain the very best result possible. That is something we have succeeded at time and time again, and H&M DUI lawyers really do make a difference in the outcome of many cases.

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