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Why do you need a DWI lawyer?

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Being caught for a DWI or driving while intoxicated is a serious charge that can have far-reaching consequences. In fact, fines and jail time are common with severe charges surrounding a DWI. Because of the complexity involved with DWI, you might wonder if a lawyer is necessary. In most cases, the answer is yes to your dilemma. Lawyers offer extensive experience that can actually save you time and money as you work through this setback.

Free Consultations are Worth the Time

In general, most attorneys offer a free consultation as your first appointment. If you’re wondering if you need legal representation, take this time to determine where you stand. A lawyer can look at your case and determine which course is your best choice. When the police have evidence against you, such as a breathalyzer or failed field test, a lawyer is usually necessary in order to properly defend your case. Unless you’re a legal professional, you won’t know how to defend your case, and the results might be targeted against you at the end of a hearing or trial.

Attention to Arrest Details

You need a DWI lawyer because he or she is trained to look at certain details. An out-of-date breathalyzer may not be calibrated correctly, for example. A lawyer can hone in on this information so that you might benefit from a reduced sentence. The everyday person won’t know which details to evaluate while ignoring other ones that aren’t as important. You’ll feel confident that you’ll have a lesser sentence with an attorney by your side. There’s simply too much information that can be overlooked without a professional’s help.

Plea-Bargaining Expertise

At times, a DWI case can be cut and dry. You were caught driving under the influence, and now you need to deal with the consequences. However, you’ll almost always have bargaining power with an attorney’s help. Your defender can negotiate a plea bargain. This process is essentially an admission of guilt while you benefit from a lesser punishment. Instead of jail time, you might have several hundred hours of community service to complete. A plea bargain is almost always better than a standard sentence, and you need an attorney to complete the process.

Legal Representation is Necessary in Court

It’s possible that you cannot find a plea bargain that fits your needs. The charges might be so severe that the judge declines any negotiation. In these cases, you’ll need to go to trial. A trial allows you to be judged by your peers in order to nail down a sentence. You will need a legal professional if your case goes to trial. Representing yourself would be detrimental to your case, and most people don’t know the legal details necessary to complete such a job.

Considering Public Defenders

When you’re read the Miranda Rights, you’re told that a lawyer can be provided for you. If you can’t afford an attorney, public defenders are your choice. However, these individuals are usually overwhelmed with work. It’s in your best interest to hire a lawyer instead. Because you’re paying for their service, your case will have more attention placed on it. Public defenders will perform the paperwork side of your defense, but going to trial or plea bargaining is normally out of the question.

As you narrow down your choices to a specific defense team, be sure that the lawyer has experience with DWI or DUI charges. This specialized area of law has many rules and regulations that offer some room for negotiation, depending on your particular situation. With a strong representative by your side, that DWI charge can be part of your past as you move forward.

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