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DUI charges are serious ones that carry severe consequences if you’re convicted of them. California has a low tolerance for DUI offenders and imposes life-altering penalties on offenders, especially if they are repeat offenders. A DUI conviction is something that can follow you for the rest of your life and end up having negative impacts in numerous sectors of your life.

For instance, you might experience difficulty getting accepted into certain apartment complexes and communities if you have a DUI on your record. Additionally, obtaining employment in certain industries that require you to drive could prove difficult if you have a DUI on your driving record. The severity of the consequences imposed on DUI offenders varies, depending on whether this is their first DUIs and whether their DUIs are classified as misdemeanors or felonies.

Generally, first time DUIs are misdemeanors. However, if someone is injured or killed in a DUI-related accident, then the accident could be classified as a felony. Misdemeanor DUIs generally carry the possibilities of county jail time and probation, whereas felony DUIs could result in state or federal jail time, depending upon the seriousness of the case. Additionally, misdemeanor DUI fines tend to be lower than felony ones. However, with each subsequent DUI that an offender receives, his or her fines, possible jail time and other consequences increase in severity. For instance, people who receive more than four DUIs throughout their entire lifespans may be banned from ever legally possessing a driver’s license ever again.

Other factors that can influence the consequences imposed on DUI offenders include the amount of time that has lapsed between an offender’s DUI charges if he or she has been convicted of a DUI before. For instance, if you are convicted of so many DUIs within a given time frame, then your license could be suspended for a longer period of time, and you could be subjected to other stipulations as well. For example, you might be required to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle for a certain period of time upon you regaining your driving priveleges.

The Law Firm of H&M offers you exemplary DUI lawyers in Duarte. When you are facing a DUI charge, you should never go into the courtroom alone. Going into the courtroom without representation on such a serious charge can result in you getting the maximum penalties. When you retain the services of H&M, we will do our best to get the charges against you dropped completely before your case ever even goes to court.

Part of what makes our law firm so advantageous is that you will be working with a former district attorney. Therefore, our law firm has inside knowledge of the internal workings of the judicial system. We have extensive experience dealing with criminal courts and possess established relationships with judges and prosecutors that can prove beneficial to our clients. We fight aggressively for each client that we represent to obtain him or her the best deal possible, if we cannot get the charges against our clients dropped completely.

We can evaluate the circumstances surrounding your DUI-related charge to help determine whether or not your arrest was lawful. For instance, if you submitted to field sobriety tests and they weren’t conducted according to standards, then that evidence against you could be dropped. Likewise, if you refused to submit a blood alcohol content sample to law enforcement officers, then there might not be enough evidence upon which to convict you. Don’t take the chance of getting hit with the maximum penalties when the Law Firm of H&M is here to assist you.

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