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Things can happen very fast – one moment you are having fun with friends on a night out in one of the pubs in Artesia and the next moment you are being slapped with a DUI charge while driving home. The fun you had might turn into a nightmare in just a few minutes. However, this shouldn’t be the case, especially if you have a trusted Dui lawyer by your side.

What are the Procedures Involved in a DUI Charge

When a police officer in Artesia flags you down, a specific procedure has to be followed if you are suspected of drunk driving. It is a legal requirement that all DUI arrests be recorded by video. If the arresting police officer fails to do this or if there is a problem with the audio, then the evidence might not be admissible in a court of law.

Video recording must take into account various aspects of the arrests, such as the field sobriety tests given, the breath test procedure and your conduct within the 20-minute wait period.

Do you know that there is a time limit as to when the evidence must be collected; otherwise, it will be inadmissible in court? The police must obtain the breath sample within 2 hours of your arrest for the results to be valid. This is why the police officer needs to record the time of arrest on video.

If a blood sample is required as evidence, the police must make sure to collect it within 3 hours of arresting you otherwise, it will be inadmissible. Failure to collect the evidence in a specific time will make it useless, even if the results show that you were way above the legal alcohol limit in Artesia.

The sobriety tests must be administered in a specific way for them to count. For instance, failure to follow the correct procedure when collecting blood samples might affect the validity of the case.

The arresting police officer will use various tests to determine your level of sobriety. The standard test is the field sobriety test. However, the officer might use other tests to confirm the results such as the nystagmus test, one leg stand test and the walk and turn test.

During these tests, the officer will score your performance based on observation.

Why do You Need Us?

Since there is video recording, we shall be able to get a copy of the evidence and review it. We shall assess the admissibility of the tests and make an independent assessment.

It is vital that you work with a lawyer that is trained in various DUI procedures. Your lawyer should also be familiar with the DUI laws in Artesia and California that affect your case.

We have been handling DUI cases for decades now, and we have handled different situations relating to DUI. We understand the procedures involved in DUI convictions and how the tests work. We make sure we collect the pieces of evidence submitted to the court against you, review them and make sure the correct procedures were followed. If a procedure wasn’t followed, we use that to try and reduce your charges or have them dropped.

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H&M law firm consists of a team of qualified lawyers, one of them a previous District Attorney. We have accumulated a total of 70 years handling DUI cases, with a high success rate. Our team is dedicated to getting the best judgement for you so that life goes on normally. Our team will be with you right from the start to the end of the case.

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