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While on your way home from a night at the local bar or a few hours at a friend’s home, you might feel a little nervous when you see a police cruiser behind you. If you live in Arcadia and drank earlier in the night, you should feel nervous. California law gives that officer the right to pull over and administer a field test to anyone who appears intoxicated. When you blow a blood alcohol concentration above a certain level, you can call us here at H&M to find out more about what happens next.

Determining Your BAC

Police officers use breathalyzer tests to determine your BAC. You place your lips on a tube that connects to a box, and the electronics in the box analyze your breathe to determine your BAC. While you do have the right to refuse that test, the officer can still issue to a citation or make you return to the station for testing. Police officers can also issue a field sobriety test first that looks at whether you can follow simple instructions and your ability to complete certain tasks. Failing that test may leave you facing a DUI.

Will You Face Time in Jail?

Many of the clients who call H&M want to know if they’ll face jail time. While there is no simple answer to this question, the chances are good that you might face some time in a jail cell. Officers can hold you overnight or until you sober up, and the judge can demand that you spend time in jail as well. Most convictions only carry one night to one week in jail, but with multiple convictions on your record, you can spend one month or more in jail.

Are There Alternatives to Jail?

There absolutely are alternatives to jail, but you might not know about those alternatives until you speak with one of our qualified alternatives. Community service is one of the more popular sentences imposed by judges. You can complete your community service at night or on weekends until you finish the minimum number of hours required. If the judge thinks that you show signs of alcohol abuse, the judge may recommend that you enroll in an alcohol awareness program. You’ll also need to pay court costs and some fees associated with a DUI conviction.

How the Judge Chooses Your Sentencing

Judges understand that sentencing isn’t one size fits all. Your judge will examine a number of factors before deciding which sentence is more appropriate for your situation. If you show remorse for your actions and have a clean history, the judge may let you walk away with a simple fee. If you had a DUI conviction in the recent past, the judge may have no choice but to sentence you to jail time and the use of an ignition interlock device. The judge also has the right to take away your license until you complete any other court-ordered requirements.

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With a former District Attorney working for us, we know the more common sentences imposed by judges working for the Arcadia court system. We know which judges recommend lighter sentences and which give out the harshest penalties. That understanding helps us work for you. As we believe that our clients are more like friends than clients, we want you to feel happy that you chose to work with us. Let us talk to the judge and other lawyers on your behalf, and let us work out the best agreement with the court. We start working for you as soon as you call.

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