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The H Law Group is a top rated California dui defense law firm. Our firm has offices throughout California. Our goal is simple: help our clients get exonerated of the charges they face. Whether it be a DUI/DWI, or federal case, we can help. Our law firm consists of some of the top minds in the legal industry. We go head to head with prosecutors on a regular basis, and get cases either dismissed-or resolved with great outcomes. If you’re at risk of going to jail-we encourage you to contact our DUI lawyers today.

97% of clients who’ve worked with us see no jail time. If you work with us, you’re in safe hands. We’re also one of the few firms to offer flexible payment plans. This makes it easier for you to afford our services. Our firm was founded by a former prosecutor, so we know how the criminal justice system works-and more importantly, we know the prosecutors and judges you’ll be facing. We’re respected by prosecutors and judges alike- which means when you hire us, you’re hiring one of the top 1% of DUI lawyers in Los Angeles. It also means, we’ll probably be able to help you avoid jail and penalties.

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Nima Haddadi, our founding partner, is a top rated DUI lawyer. He’s an intricate part of the firm-and most clients typically work with him after contacting us. As a former prosecutor, Nima has an intricate understanding of the legal justice system, and how DUI suspects are treated/convicted. Moreover, his unique experience enables him to help give you a truthful assessment of your situation-and the ability to create a formidable legal defense. Our Los Angeles dui law firm believes in providing each client the best possible defense-this is in large part because of Nima’s philosophy and belief that each client deserves justice.
Our dui lawyers focus on providing the wrongfully accused the best possible defense. We are believers in our clients, and do our level best to help ensure you don’t get wrongfully prosecuted by an overzealous prosecutor. Our team consists of talented, and skilled, DUI lawyers all over California.

We’re proud to say that our firm has earned a reputation for being vigorous, and for being one of the best law firms in the USA. Our attorneys are consistently attending seminars and training sessions. We are always doing our best to become “better” and understand how to implement new tactics in order to win your case. We are confident in our ability to out-think, maneuver, and ultimately defeat the opposing prosecutor. If you get pulled over after drinking and driving, then you could be charged with DUI. When that happens, you’ll end up in jail, and your car will be impounded. The dui lawyer you hire can be more important than the charges themselves. With a poor attorney, you could spend money on a defense-and still be unlikely to drive a car ever again. However, not all DUI accusations can end up with a bad outcome. When hire a Los Angeles dui lawyer at the H Law Firm, you could have a different outcome.

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Nima Haddadi, our founding partner, and a top rated DUI lawyer. His goal at H&M Law Firm is creating a firm that provides concierge customer service to each and every single client.

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If you’re in a vehicle, and it’s involved in an accident – you could be immediately suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Police officers can subject you to a breathlyzer test to determine your BAC levels. You have rights, and our attorneys can help protect them and prevent officers from encroaching on your constitutional rights.
In some cases, it’s possible you could be accused of a DUI by someone else. If an accident occurs, and the other driver/passenger tells law enforcement officers that you’re drunk or high, then a police officer can test you and arrest you. If you suspect your rights were violated, it’s important to tell our attorneys so that we can get the evidence struck from the record – if gained illegally.
Often, DUI charges are faulty, and can get dismissed. Police officers are humans, and can make mistakes. Sometimes, they may mistakenly suspect you were drinking, and as a result charge you with a DUI. For example, if you’re tired or medically impaired – then you might appear to be driving under the influence. Without an attorney to set the record straight, you could be convicted of a DUI. Our Los Angeles DUI attorneys can gather the medical evidence necessary to set the record straight, and help protect your record.
In some cases, DUI tests are inaccurate. Many breathalyzer tests and DUI tests are known to be faulty if the equipment isn’t properly maintained. If they aren’t – this can result in a wrongful allegation. Our attorneys regularly investigate the maintenance of machines, and ensure that all machines have been properly calibrated. If we can determine that the machines were not properly calibrated, we can help get your case dismissed.
Often, people are arrested for driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol. What follow is not simple. You will have to go through court hearings, police reports, field tests, and much more. If you fumble at even one point, you could get a conviction and have your entire record tarnished. If you’re wondering whether you should get a private lawyer or not, the answer is definitively YES

What Happens When You Refuse a Chemical Test?

In California, the police must have reasonable cause to suspect a driver in under the influence of alcohol to be able to administer a breath or blood test. Drunk driving cases in California are reaching a tipping point, and DUI checkpoints, field sobriety testing, arrests, and convictions, have become more of the norm that the exception in this region of the country. Many drivers who are pulled over for suspicion of driving drunk or roll up to a DUI checkpoint are not aware of the consequences of what happens when you refuse a chemical test.

The best thing to do before making that decision is speak with a Los Angeles DUI attorney, if it is too late, then it is imperative you have legal representation try to dispute that refusal.

Why Was I Asked to Take a Chemical Test?
Leading up to the testing, the arresting officer may have observed physical or behavioral patterns that gave them reasonable cause. If the officer made you pull over, they may have seen a number of driving patterns that you exhibited that were similar to that of a driver who is intoxicated. If you rolled up to a DUI checkpoint, the officer may have observed patterns in your behavior such as slurred speech, watery eyes, or a combative personality, that made them decide to have you take the chemical test. The officer could have confirmed their suspicions by having you take one of many field sobriety tests that could have revealed you were too impaired to drive.

If you refused to take the chemical test, you were arrested and that refusal comes with severe consequences. Your DUI attorney can look at the video footage and listen to the audio of the arrest process to make certain there was reasonable cause and make certain the arresting officer upheld your rights.

Refusing to Take the Chemical Test?
Refusing to take the chemical test is like an admission of guilt in the eyes of the court. In California, that comes with a one year loss of license, and possibly even more serious consequences like jail time. One thing that many drivers are not aware of is that driving in the state of California is a privilege, it is not a right. When signing up for your license, in exchange for the ability to drive, you consent to testing to make sure you are safe behind the wheel. Refusing the chemical test is in a sense giving up your privilege to drive. Although you aren’t arrested at the point of refusal, the prosecutor in your case could still push for a DUI charge based on evidence like the field sobriety test, witness testimony, and officer observations.

The refusal makes it more challenging for your DUI attorney to dispute the blood or breath testing because there will be none. The refusal will be used against the driver in court, your attorney will have to work hard to try and dispute the remaining evidence to get the charges dismissed or the penalties lessened.

What is the Implied Consent Law?
By not submitting to the chemical test in California, the state has the right to revoke your driving privilege, levy fines and penalties, and put you in jail. The implied consent law means that any driver in the state of California has implicitly given consent to a chemical test in exchange for the privilege to operate a motor vehicle. According to this law, any driver in California is essentially surrendering their driver’s license when they refuse a chemical test. Although a first offense in California is a one year loss of license, that penalty increases with each instance of DUI and the severity of the charges.

Your Los Angeles DUI attorney will have little to work with the driver refusing to take the chemical test, but it is not impossible to get a favorable ruling. During the DMV hearing, your attorney will have to subpoena the arresting officer to try and poke holes in the prosecution case before it goes to the criminal court.

What Happens When You Refuse a Chemical Test?
If a driver refused to take the chemical test to avoid incrimination, a no-refusal DUI enforcement could be implemented. In this instance, the arresting officer can force a driver suspected of DUI to submit to a chemical test by the authority of a field warrant they secure on their mobile device at the time of the arrest. If the driver refuses the warrant-ordered testing, the result will be serious contempt charges added to the DUI charges.

In this instance, a driver does have the right to call a DUI attorney at the scene to discuss which test to take.

Have the Refusal Case Carefully Analyzed by an Attorney
In the state of California, a first offense for refusing to take a chemical test is one year loss of driving privileges. Don’t just assume that you have no defense, call for a free consultation with a Los Angeles DUI attorney so they can analyze the specifics of your case to see if the DUI stop was lawful and the arresting officer did everything according to the books.

Disputing Test Results One of the biggest areas of dispute in DUI cases is the field sobriety and breathalyzer testing. In the past, there have been many cases in which these tests were administered incorrectly by an officer, leading to a DUI arrest that may not have been necessary. An experienced DUI lawyer Los Angeles can capitalize on this, calling into question the officer’s knowledge and experience in administering the tests. Many times, the key to winning these cases is raising the level of doubt in the judge’s mind as to whether or not the tests were properly administered.
Plea Bargaining
One of the biggest reasons to hire a Los Angeles DUI lawyer is when there is an excellent chance for a plea bargain. This is done most often when the BAC is .10 or less, there were inconclusive results from the field sobriety tests and no unusual behavior from the defendant. In these cases, an experienced DUI lawyer can negotiate with the prosecutor to get the charges reduced from driving under the influence to reckless driving. In most states, reckless driving is a misdemeanor and will result in a much lighter sentence. In cases where the prosecutor feels their case isn’t strong enough to get a DUI conviction, reckless driving is considered to be a fallback charge that will help move the case through the court system quickly and efficiently.
Understanding the Process
Above all, hiring an experienced Los Angeles dui attorney can help a person have a better understanding of the legal process. Most attorneys experienced in these cases know the judges and prosecutors who handle these cases, and have a good understanding of how they tend to rule in such matters. Another major advantage of hiring an attorney is making it harder for a prosecutor to choose to go to trial. Even if the test results are borderline at best, a prosecutor is almost always much more willing to take a case to trial if a person has no legal representation. While some lawyers may guarantee they can get the charges reduced, this is not always the case. However, most criminal defense lawyers are very honest with clients and will carefully assess the situation and provide an honest opinion as to the possible outcome of the case.

Can an Officer Take my License and Issue a Notice of Suspension?

Whether pulled over by a police officer because they observed driving patterns that were consistent with drunk driving or you were stopped at a DUI checkpoint, many drivers wonder can an officer take their license and issue a notice of suspension. Although each situation is different, if the officer determines the driver is drunk or the officer discovers a pattern of DUI arrests, they do have the authority to take the license of the driver and issue a notice of suspension.

When the police officer takes your driver’s license and issues the notice of suspension, your best defense is consulting with a Los Angeles DUI attorney before the DMV hearing is scheduled.

Battle to Impose Strict Punishments
The state of California is not resting on the current laws on the books to punish drivers arrested for DUI, new laws are implemented that pose even more penalties on anyone in the state suspected of drinking and driving. One new statutory suspension revocation is targeting drivers who are pulled over under suspicion of DUI and fail to take the breath or chemical tests. The new revocation is not a suspension, it means your driving privileges are taken away for good. The officer might take your driver’s license and issue a notice of suspension, and unless you fight the charges, the state could impose serious penalties when you refuse to take the test.

Don’t risk losing your driving privileges for good, consult with a Los Angeles DUI attorney who will carefully analyze why the officer felt that probable cause was evident in your case, and look to see if your rights were upheld during the entire arrest.

The Complexities of California DUI Laws
When a driver is pulled over for suspicion of DUI by an officer in California, there are instances where the officer can serve the driver with a notice of suspension. The instances vary significantly for an officer taking a driver’s license, from failing the breath test, injuring another driver while intoxicated, and having a history of prior DUI arrests. Depending the specifics of the situation, once the notice of suspension is issued, the driver has ninety (90) days to make a written request to have a judicial hearing which will be heard by the Circuit Court.

Many drivers do not read the information provided by the officer or take this lightly, and when the allotted time has passed, they have lost the ability to file the appeal. As soon as you are involved with the police in a DUI case, due to all the complexities, it is advised you seek counsel immediately.

Reasons the Office Issued the Suspension Notice
While every DUI case is different, California law is very clear about some of the possible reasons why the police officer issues the notice of suspension at the scene of the DUI stop. These are four instances where the police office can take a driver’s license.

1. The officer who conducted the DUI stop had reasonable grounds that showed the driver was operating a vehicle in the state of California while under the influence of alcohol. The grounds for this determination could be the results of a breath test, chemical test, field sobriety test, or combination of all.

2. The officer found enough evidence to arrest the driver for DUI.

3. When the driver had been advised that their driver’s license would be suspended if they refused to take the breath or chemical test, and declined both tests anyway.

4. When the driver was advised their privileges to operate a vehicle would be suspended if they took and failed a blood or breath test, and the concentration of alcohol in the blood was significantly over the 0.08 legal limit.

Consult with a Los Angeles DUI attorney if any of these instances occurred. Your attorney still has the chance to subpoena the video of the arrest, the audio from the testing, and the arresting officer. This is the only time other than the criminal trial your attorney has an opportunity to get the officer at the DMV hearing to answer questions. Poking holes in the prosecution case is crucial, your attorney will need as much time as possible to come up with a valid defense.

Personal Injury and DUI
Matters concerning license revocation and notice of suspension at the scene get more complicated when there may be a personal injury or death at the scene. The state has the authority to revoke the driving privileges of the person suspected of DUI. In California, authorities are cracking down on the drunk driving epidemic by imposing more strict laws that result in drivers losing their driving privileges for longer periods of time.

When you feel you were unjustly targeted and your license revoked, you want to speak with a skilled Los Angeles DUI attorney who can make certain all your rights were upheld and that the officer conducted the arrest properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you have been arrested in Los Angeles for committing a DUI crime, it does not mean that you have been charged with the crime. An arrest is just a mandatory event taken by the police to restrain a suspect. The prosecutor must first prove that you are guilty before he goes ahead to press charges against you for the crime in suspicion. The prosecutor will use the evidence and observations at hand to determine your liability. The prosecutor’s office will move forward with the case if they determine that the evidence at hand is enough to convict you. At this point, don’t think that you are facing any form of conviction. The court must look at the evidence at hand as well as your legal representation to determine if you are guilty or not. Before conviction happens, the court must determine that you knowingly or voluntarily entered a guilty plea.

Under the same procedures, the DMV does not always work. Moreover, it is also not dependent on the criminal cases accompanying your plea in a court of law. The DMV works to find their independent investigations for evidence against you. This is true even if the court the court does their findings. The DMV moves forward on their independent procedures from the moment you were first arrested. You will also schedule a DMV hearing within ten days after the date of arrest. If you do not adhere to this condition, you may lose the right to drive or have your driving license suspended.

If you are arrested for the DUO case, you will be issued a temporary license that will be valid until the case is heard in a court of law. The DMV requires a full hearing. If you are represented, you will include the legal officer and the DMV officer for your case in the administrative hearing procedure. Because there is no judge, this is a different situation from the normal criminal court system. The position of the DMV is advocated by the hearing officer before they make their final decisions.

At the DMV hearing, you also have the right to present your evidence and testimony. If you wish to do so, you also have the right to subpoena the officer that arrested you in the first place. For more than 30 days it is your right to ensure you don’t have the license suspended. However, this is an exception for certain situations. It is discretionary to have the restricted license allowed on your case after that. The restricted license allows you to drive to and from work. The only other place you can drive from is classes. It is important also to note the duration the license will be revoked or restricted.

The difference or impact made at the DMV hearing will determine the outcome of the criminal case. Even if you have your criminal case reduced or dismissed, the DMV may choose to suspend your license as it is stated in their independent violations. Whether you are hiring or debating a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney to represent your interests in the California court of law or at the DMV hearing, it is imperative to know the consequences that might affect your case in the end.

Therefore, it is recommended on the highest note that you consider the two situations because both of them have a high impact towards the end of your situation. You must also work to have legal representation in both cases as they work to determine the chances of securing a clean sheet after the trial. Both situations can affect you in many ways concerning your criminal DUI case in the region. A qualified attorney will work hard to ensure he provides you with the unparalleled legal representation that can make the difference in your case. Moreover, the experienced lawyers will also help you understand the arguments and insight that are needed to ensure you sustain your secure sheet in a court of law. It has also been proven that hiring qualified attorneys may mean the only way you need to secure a clean sheet in your DUI case.

If you or your loved one is in this situation, you should never hesitate as it is a heavy burden. Ensure you contact an experienced Los Angeles DUI Attorney as soon as you have a chance to explore your options before the license is suspended.

The First Offense
For those who are facing a first-offense DUI charge, it is highly recommended that they have an attorney to assist them during the legal proceedings. While some choose to use a public defender, others prefer to hire a lawyer experienced in handling DUI cases on a consistent basis. Because public defenders are often severely overworked, they often look for the quickest solution in these cases. This usually means a recommendation of pleading guilty to the charges, even if there are areas that could be easily disputed.

When In Doubt, Hire a Los Angeles DUI Attorney
Ultimately, the decision whether or not to hire an attorney rests solely with the individual charged with DUI. However, while many people often choose to represent themselves at trial, the learning curve is generally too steep to ensure success in these situations. Having an experienced lawyer who has the skills and knowledge needed to handle these cases is almost always a person’s best bet, even if they ultimately get convicted of the charge. With court dockets today being overwhelmed with pending cases, the chances of a plea bargain to lesser charges are usually very good. Many prosecutors feel pressured to complete many cases quickly, so they may be very receptive to a potential deal. By hiring the right attorney for your case, you can be sure you will receive expert legal representation that may allow you to avoid more serious charges being pursued against you. Driving under the influence, or DUI, is a crime taken very seriously in Los Angeles. The state and city have zero-tolerance policies in place for offenders. Sentencing can be harsh especially if you go into court without proper representation. It is important to understand what a DUI is and how an attorney can help you when charged with this crime.

There are times when a DUI conviction seems inevitable. This is when you need an attorney the most. A lawyer will work hard to reduce your penalties. The attorney might be able to show mitigating factors that prove you do not deserve the full sentence under the law. Your lawyer can attempt to negotiate with prosecutors in pre-trial hearings for the lightest fines and penalties possible. Attorneys have the knowledge and experience to successfully negotiate with prosecutors and judges in Los Angeles.

These are things that can dramatically increase your penalties or even lead to jail time. Some examples include incredibly high BAC percentages or injuring someone while driving drunk. You need an attorney to help deal with aggravating factors. Your lawyer might be able to explain away some issues or have certain factors removed from the case. In the event your car is taken away, we can help you get a short term car lease in Los Angeles with companies like Zooomr, Avvis, Enterprise, and others.

A final way a Los Angeles attorney can help is by negotiating alternative sentences for the DUI charge instead of the traditional fines and jail time. Your lawyer might be able to negotiate mandatory alcohol treatment followed by probation or community service. Your fines might be waived or suspended if you just complete a special driving program. If you want to avoid heavy penalties like jail and thousands of dollars in fines, then you need the help of a good law firm.

Los Angeles has strict laws that allow law enforcement officers to immediately confiscate your driver’s license if suspected of a DUI. A license suspension is avoidable. A knowledgeable DUI attorney can make a case that your license should not be suspended. A lawyer could successfully argue that you need limited access to your vehicle to work and live in California. Your best chance of avoiding a complete license suspension or revocation is through the representation of a lawyer.

One of the primary ways an attorney in Los Angeles can help is by questioning the evidence of the DUI charge in court. A skilled attorney can question many aspects of the case. This includes whether police followed proper procedures or had the right to stop your vehicle. A lawyer can question the validity of the BAC test administered. If your attorney finds problems, then the entire DUI case could be dropped.

The penalties for DUI in Los Angeles range from a yearlong license suspension to fines in the hundreds of dollars. You are likely to be placed on summary probation for up to three years to ensure you do not break the law again. People who have multiple DUI charges could have a license revoked for several years. Jail time is possible if there are aggravating circumstances. You could be forced to complete an alcohol or drug rehabilitation program and pay for an ignition interlock system as well. In the event your car is taken from you, we can help you find a new car with companies like Zoomr Los Angeles Car Lease, Avis, Enterprise, Sixt, and others.

A charge of DUI in Los Angeles means law enforcement believes you were operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated in some way. The charge covers alcohol, prescription drugs and illegal drugs. You are legally guilty of a DUI if your blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, is 0.8 percent or higher. The amount is just 0.4 percent if you are driving a commercial vehicle.

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